Hitchhike ROBOT in Canada

Today we are going to discuss about a robot named as HITCHHIKE. It’s called hitchBOT and is the first robot in Hitchhikker history equipped with GPS and constant internet connection.

Robot has the ability to talk to the humans. Hitchhike Robot have the size of small child and was put together with scrap pieces including a bucket of refrigeration for bear, garden gloves and rubber boots. The project was carried out by some researchers and engineers of Canada.


The D-Day is here, throughout the trip, coast-to-coast on July 27, Hitchbot was completely alone , with his little arm that will recreate the classic signal of demand for hitchhiking. To find generous drivers, willing to accept it in the car and do a bit of traveling with him.

I’m a robot-free-spirit who wants to explore Canada and meet new friends along the way, says Hitchbot on its website. Yes, because the small robot is able to interact with people . E ‘equipped with a voice recognition software which will entitle him to chat with his companions, providing answers based on the access to the Web and sites like Wikipedia .


The mastermind behind this bizarre project is that of Prof. David Harris Smith , a researcher at McMaster University  in Canada, which however, is keen to stress that this is not a science but rather a social experiment : usually the question that we ask is ‘Can we trust robots?’ This time the countdown Prof. Smith says : ‘ Can the robot to trust humans ‘. Let’s wait and watch the response of this project. It’s just the first step taken by the researchers in Canada. Hope for the success of the project Hitchhike Robot.

Hitchhike Robot Video:

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